We commit to sustainability

Nowadays everyone is talking about sustainable fashion. But what does it mean? There are several certificates that attest to the sustainability of the fabrics or the production facilities. This is certainly a push in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go. Many manufacturers sell organic cotton products that have been produced under the worst working conditions under the label Sustainable. We believe sustainability goes beyond the raw material and its production. It is important to us that everything that affects our products is as sustainable as possible. This starts with the raw material of the clothes and in the case of wool with animal welfare and ends with the packaging with which our products are shipped.
Switzerland dominated the global textile industry around 200 years ago. And there is still a great deal of know-how and will to give this industry a new boost. This can of course only be achieved with you, our customers. To dress sustainably means first and foremost to buy less new clothes. Our products are simple and wide cut and are manufactured in such an excellent quality that they can be worn over several seasons. The colors of our products are neutral and inspired by nature. Therefore they can be combined in any way and never fall out of fashion.

All these things help, but are still not as effective as reusing old clothes. That's why we take the worn clothes back from our customers for a discount voucher on their next order and resell them in our second hand store. 

After all, buying less clothing is what is really sustainable.